Starflower Farm and Studios

STARFLOWER FARM AND STUDIOS is taking a pause in order that we may move skillfully into our new form and vision as STARFLOWER RETREATS.

Thank you for your patience as well as your decades of creative collaboration.

Back soon,


"This week has been a mind altering experience... the peacefulness of the atmosphere juxtaposed with the intense and focused art activity and production. I am grateful."
- Krista, potter

"I thank the universe for arranging for our paths to cross. I have learned from you and this land that silence and pleasure move things forward."
- Kathy, art teacher/ artist

"This was really, REALLY fun for me and my dad."
- Lonny, 10 year old

"I find I am more open after my time at Starflower and I am now able to go to a calm creative place and work from there."
- Dorie, Business manager/ artist

"My time on this land and in these studios has changed my life. It was exactly what I needed."
- Judy, painter

"Walking the trails, sitting beneath the pines; quiet, peace, inner listening and the Muse stirs...."
- Carlee, potter

"The setting is exquisite. The instruction was terrific and having three firings was pure joy and a strong learning."
- Patricia, potter and business manager

"Surrounded by nature, a dark unobstructed night sky, a waiting studio, guidance when needed; all the essentials for creative work are here. I feel I have come home to my work, my world and myself."
- Mary, therapist and painter

"The fields, the light, the quiet, the stream -- for all of it -- I am so grateful!"
- Elizabeth, writer

"The land here is so nurturing! I have reconnected with the artist inside - something I so needed to do. What a wonderful reminder to make creative process a ritual in everyday life."
- Judith, artist and therapist

"The power of this land is strong. It gently urges me beyond the world's monkey mind and my own personal clutter. I am rediscovering my creative roots."
- Rick, filmmaker

"The time here has been invaluable. The peace, the blessings and the teachings inherent in this place will feed my being for years I'm sure, and I will return. It is truly place of earth based pleasure and nourishment."
- Margaretha, new media artist

"I am grateful for the skills I learned - especially how to become centered and balanced. I've learned how to stay true to myself and my work shows it."
- Megan, college student

"I am thrilled with the work I have done here and am eager to return to my studio and see just where this all will lead me"
- Elaine, painter/gallery owner

"The week has been outstanding - the instruction, the natural surroundings, the food, the company, the sense of time passing at just the right speed."
- Kelly, clay artist/ teacher