Two week and month long apprenticeship programs are offered in May, June, July, August & September and October for those wishing a longer period of immersion in creative work and country living. Participants in this program receive meals, lodging, use of the studios and instructrion. Twenty hours a week is spent working for the center in return for reduced rates. The remaining time may be spent on personal work or exploring Maine. Applicants for this program must be interviewed in person or by phone.

"I am grateful for the skills I learned - especially how to become centered and balanced. I've learned how to stay true to myself and my work shows it."
                                                    - Megan, college student

"This land does, in fact, speak to me. The time here has been invaluable. The peace, the blessings and the teachings inherent in this place will feed my being for years I'm sure, and I will return. It is truly place of earth based pleasure and nourishment."
                                                   - Margaretha, new media artist