Accommodations, studio space and equipment are available for individuals, couples, families and self-forming groups who want a time of creative retreat or study which they schedule for themselves.

For housing you may choose an in-house 4 1/2 room apartment with its own kitchen, bath and sauna (appropriate for 3 adults or a family) or a farmhouse room with shared kitchen. You will have your own 12' x 12' studio equipped with either a potter's wheel or easel and wall space.

If you are a sculptor, you will have a 12' x 24' two story space with a cat walk. Large blow-down trees are available for carving.

If you wish, you may schedule a private lesson in pottery, sailing or tai chi. Critiques in all media and creativity counseling are also available. You may simply want space and silence - a room and studio of your own with no interruptions. The studios are open 24 hours a day.

A massage therapist is available for pre-scheduled appointments.

GROUP RETREATS seasonal markings and celebrations
At Starflower Farm and Studios we organize ourselves around the seasons, each of which has a purpose in the creative cycle. The markers of the solstice, equinox and cross quarter holidays, the rising and setting of the sun, the filling and emptying of the moon all encourage us to live in accord with the earth's skillful patterning and are the focus of regular retreats, where we nourish the inner as the first step in the expression of the outer.

Midway between the vernal equinox and summer solstice, people the world over light fires to clear away the remnants of winter and create space for summer's creative bounty. We join this ritual, gathering for dinner and a studio session Friday night. A full day of studio work is followed by a fire ceremony and primitive firing Saturday night. Sunday completes with lunch. Appropriate for all visual and written creative practices. Group time is designed to deepen your personal work, whatever it is.

:: SUMMER SOLSTICE SIDE BY SIDE - Celebration With Clay for All Ages ::
a long weekend for families and individuals who enjoy the creative energy of children Including handbuilding, wheel work and a primitive firing. No experience necessary, but experienced artists will benefit also from contact with the beginner's celebration mind we will work from.

:: TELTANE - A SORTING OF THE SEEDS ::- an arts immersion for all art forms, modeled after the Great Spruce Head Island Art Week for painters, writers, sculptors, potters and photographers.
At high summer (Teltane) we decide which seeds to keep and build from, and what to let go of. We gather as equals in a nourishing and beautiful natural environment with personal studio space and delicious vegetarian (with occassional fresh fish) meals. Collaborative group critiques and exploration of the seasonal task of deciding which seeds to keep and build from and which to release. Reduced rates from the workshop fee since there is no instructor. Limited in size to 6.

:: Autumn Equinox. find us at the common Ground Country Fair ::

- Midpoint between Autumn equinox and Winter Solstice. Experiencing creative process through clay, movement, writing, drawing, meditation and ceremony. A rich mix of experience and expression preparing us to enter the dark time of the year.

"I am thrilled with the work I have done here and am eager to return to my studio and see just where this all will lead me"
                                                    - Elaine, painter/gallery owner